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Tim Good owner and founder of The Good Portfolio and Gallery, “After founding and building a successful Licensing Agency, you may ask why I chose to move on. It was time to start again and reach for new heights as well as return to some of my original goals and beliefs that helped me gain a good reputation in the industry over the past 20 years. Building programs, brands and Artists from the bottom up; which, due to my enthusiasm some are still popular today.

Here at The Good Portfolio, we strive to offer my original goals and philosophies. An enthusiastic partnership with Artists and Licensees alike, challenging the Artists to create fresh work and providing the client designs that keeps their product interesting and different. We meet all projects with the same passionate interest and integrity, be it small or large.

To work alongside me is longtime colleague and friend Laura Hunter. Laura is a very experienced graphic designer and product developer who has broad experience in many products and also was a designer for the BBC. The Good Portfolio has a small family of staff and Artists. We choose our Artists with a vision that they can turn their hand to many styles. In doing so, it keeps our Artists enthusiastic and willing to create quality designs for the client.

Quite simply, our enthusiastic team at The Good Portfolio is there to help in any way we can. We strive to offer an expedient, friendly and efficient service throughout the full life of any project”. ………….INTEGRITY………….EXACTNESS………… ..TRANSPARANCY……..POSITIVE…….CREATIVE…….………..INNOVATIVE……………..EXCELLENCE…….. Thanks for taking the time to read our story if you would like more details then please let me know.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello-
    May I please add you to my e-mail and snail mail list. I am an artist in search of representation as well as the licensing of my work. Your emphasis on “integrity” in dealing with clients as mentioned on your website is important to me.

    Sincerely and God bless.
    Lawrence J, Davis

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