Debbie Cook


Another painter who designed quite many puzzles, with cats and other animals.

“Debbie Cook grew up in Yorkshire, England. It became apparent to Debbie at an early age that her talent for Art and design would lead to a career and after school trained in graphic design at Harrogate and York Colleges of Art. Eventually, Debbie moved with her family to live in the rolling hills of Devonshire, South West England where she now lives with her dog and cats.

Considered one of the best feline Artists in the world Debbie has had a successful career due to her Art being used on product all around the world such as greeting cards, stationery, giftware, jigsaws, collectors’ plates and many more products. Debbie’s style is extremely versatile, including detailed water color and colored pencil work, as well as acrylics, pen and wash and pastel.”

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  1. We have been friends with Keith and Jenny for many years, and my wife Christine has been trained as a sweep by Keith…I am also a sweep assistant, but am really concentrating on my art (Keith suggest we make contact…I did pop by your road today as I was going to dentist…but no time. Hope you like all my web sites and pictures

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