Tina Close


Life and art are an adventure. This is especially true for a self taught artist. Tina spent the first twenty years of her art career as a natural history painter. She painted botany, mosses and lichens, seeds and shells, feathers and all the flotsam of our fascinating natural world. These were sold in gallerines and are still in collections in the U.S. and Europe.

In 202 Tina started on a new genre. This gave her a chance to break free from specimens and go a little nuts with color and design. Much of what Tina has absorbed in her travels though the years has found its way out and on to paper. She has lived in the Congo, Scotland, Japan and all over the U.S.

Living with three dogs and two parrots in Wilson, Wyoning, Tina still shows in two galleries: The Muse Gallery, Jackson, Wyoming and The Corpus Christi Art Connection, Texas.

Tina Close Portfolio

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  1. I was wondering where I can buy a couple of pieces from Tina Close. I found 2 at Hobby Lobby and there are a few on this site I would like.


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